22 Pets Tangled In Christmas Lights That Are Too Pure For This World

1. This smiling corgi.


2. This fascinated tiny kitty.


3. This fluffball.


4. Charlie, the radiant pupper.

5. This proud kitty.


6. Misha, the sparkling doggo.


7. Inkku, the cat who’s mastered the art of smizing.


8. The happiest pitbull.


9. This cloud who might be a cat – not sure.


10. This curious cat.


11. These puppers who sure know how to strike a pose.

12. This sparkling birb.


13. This mesmerized kitty.


14. Thoros, the master of Christmas lights.


15. Loki, the pawesome pup.

16. This lil’ panther.

17. These two fashionistas.

18. This beauty queen.


19. These luminous puppers.

20. This gorgeous family.

21. This gorgeous cat.


22. And finally, Irwin – who’s very proud to show you his christmas decorations.


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